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How does it work?

You bring the project to our platform offering a series of benefits called “rewards” for who decide to help you in your search for funding.

Example: “I’m searching for fundings about 10.000€. Those who support me in my crowdfunding making a 50€ contribution, will get 3 of my products whose value is 400€ now, for free”.

Once the crowdfunding is closed and you get the funding, you send the reward to your patrons. 


YOU stablish the rewards.

Fill our form and request a meeting to value your project!

Financia tu proyecto sin recursos

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Benefits of geting fund
in our platform

MK Ad-hoc 24/7 Advisor

An advisor will accompany you if you wish during the patrons captation campaign.

For free

Thanks to our "no-cost" model we'll only charge you if we can successfully fund your campaign together

Rewards Marketplace

Is your reward available? Deliver it through the same platform. Easy and fast.

Without dilution

You won't dilute, it doesn't generate a loss of rights on your company.

Inbound MK Service

You'll be able to access the Bitstartups patrons network and work the catchment with them.

MK ADS Service

Do you need your campaigns to be managed? Your assigned advisor can take charge of them!

Landing Page

Don't you have a Landing Page? Bitstartups offers you a space to advertise your project.

Legal Management

Bureaucratic procdures are always costly, that's why we offer custodial coverage to receive the funds legally.
Revenue rafiki

Why Bitstartups?

We advise and accompany you in your crowdfunding campaign for free. Our advisors team will help you to get notoriety, brand visibility and a large community of potential customers. We also help you with the rewards and extra services strategy.

We co-finance your project marketing campaign up to a 40%. Promotion valid for the first 50 projects, so don’t loose time and request a meeting with our advisors!

Do you want to get funds for your project?

Bitstartups is the first crowdfunding by reward platform that supports entrepreneurs, offering them a full crowdfunding service with the aim to guarantee the funding success.

We also have a large patrons community and an ecosystem that lets them stablish long term relationships with your project in an easy and fast way, with what your communitiy won’t be alone.


Revenue rafiki

Having a project and wanting to launch a new line of a product or service

Having a project under technological development.

Having a project in which you’re working for a near launch.

The aim of the Bitstartups community is to boost startups, so we focus mainly on products with at least two of these features:

That it is technological (with a strong technological component)

That it is B2C (business to costumer). We want the product to be acquired by the final costumers as a proof that it is valid for the market.

This is an important step given that it will provide you the funding to be able to grow, so we recommend you to:

  1. Work on a good launch pre-campaign (our advisor can help you).
  2. Develop a presentation Informative Deck that shows the value of supporting you.
  3. Develop audio-visual material.
  4. Share with your family, friends and acquaintances.
  5. Generate content for social networks, propaganda and publicity.
  6. Properly calculate the funding time and the amount for not to fall short.

Offering rewards that really have a value for patrons. If we offer a product to an identical starting price, why help you now? Here you are free to be creative. The strongest incentive is a reduction on the final price of the product in return for their confidence, but any added value sums (exclusiveness, participation in the development, unique product…).